Flying for DanCopter

This post will be in English because we still receive questions about how to become a helicopter pilot and we are happy to give all the support we can to help people realize their dream!

We already answered a lot of subjects in our “Helicopter FAQ page” so pay a visit and put it into Google Translate if your are not Dutch ;)

Flying for DanCopter

After nearly three years flying in the Offshore world I can still say it’s a dream job. It is a never ending story with learning and traveling, seeing different places in the world. Landing after a flight, with 8 passengers in the back and bringing them back home safely, is still making me proud. The fact that I’m flying the EC155 and have flown and done hoisting work with the AS365 N3 is a true privilege.

At Nini for a shut down.

Since May 2011 I’m flying for DanCopter out of Esbjerg and I’m enjoying it very much!

Tie-Down at Siri for a day stop.

To conclude, if you have a dream, just go for it! I’m happy to give all the support I can :)

One Response to “Flying for DanCopter”

  1. lies Says:

    Hoi lieffies,

    Het is alweer veel te lang geleden: maar nog steeds check ik stiekem jullie site om te zien of er weer nieuwe uitdagingen door jullie aangegaan zijn. En jawel hoor !!!! We zijn nog steeds reuzetrots op jullie en wensen jullie heel veel sukses met jullie nieuwe banen. Ook jij Kiki: ik zag dat ook jij weer iets nieuws aan het opstarten was. We moeten snel weer eens mailen/bellen….. Maar wederom wegens allerlei nare omstandigheden komt er steeds niets van.

    Lies (Niels, Sophie & Roosje)